It’s been a while, but hopefully there will be some new updates soon. The game playing has continued but my time to write it all up has been reduced, due to me leaving my job to become a contractor so that I can pay to develop my new game Void Dreadnoughts!

Thanks for your patience!

Chillin’ with Kurtz: Wargame European Escalation

While introducing The Other™ to the wider realm of “video games” I thought some variety was in order (Mostly been playing First Person Shooters and Third Person action games). I’ve always had a soft spot for Strategy games, but most of my favourites (Supreme Commander, Galactic Civilisations II, Alpha Centari) are dense and not particularly rookie-and-multiplayer friendly (spending 5 hours in an epic struggle is a luxury can’t afford at the minute, especially with steep learning curves). One of my favourite recent titles is Wargame: European Escalation. Let’s do this.

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Captain’s log; stardate 90272.72


Strange name, considering it contains everything.

These are the sporadic voyages of the USS Bfagfg, our mission: To brashly charge into battle, with only the scantest concern for the safety of the crew or the integrity of our actions. May our foes tremble with fear and uncertainty.

This is the first of our reports from the front(space)lines of Star Trek Online, my second tour of duty but The Other™’s first foray into the final frontier.

Space. Full of ... things.

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Games, games, games

Well, its been a crazy month, with work training, anniversaries, birthdays, rediscovering a game based on one of my favourite franchises ever (more to come on that), several of my home appliances rising up in rebellion and more mundane “having to go to work”, but now I’m back, and scribing out exports across the gamesphere.
Before I regale you here’s a list of the games we’ll be hoping to look at in the soon-after (Darmok willing) :

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Minecraft Diaries: Or “Mr Creeper comes to Tea”

A good portion of a year ago The Other™ and myself began this game-playing journey with a small foray into something that I thought would 1) be pretty and creative, 2) work over LAN 3) be cheap 4) be relatively un-demanding intellectually or hardwareually. I chose Minecraft.

Staring at minecraft cubes as health slowly witters away from hunger and poisoning

Staring at minecraft cubes as health slowly witters away from hunger and poisoning

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I’m Martin and I’ll be (hopefully) playing games with my missus and letting you – the discerning public, with your 2-or-more person relations – which games are fun to play with your significant other/s.

I’ll start by writing up some of our impressions of games played recently before moving to newer games.


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